Welcome to SEND West Africa | Ghana | Liberia | Sierra Leone


Welcome to the Social Enterprise Development (SEND) Foundation for West Africa website. SEND West Africa is operational through three affiliates: SEND Liberia, SEND Ghana and SEND Sierra Leone. This website is an invitation from SEND’s Board of Directors to the international development community to join us in supporting our affiliates and their local partners in transforming lives and inspiring good governance across West Africa.

The website showcases each affiliate’s successes in energizing and equipping citizens to hold government officials accountable while fostering transparency in the institutions of governance at national, district and community levels. Our website presents the experiences of women and men farmers, rural commercial women and small-scale entrepreneurs striving to combat poverty. Empowered by SEND’s programs, which provide essential resources including social and technical capabilities, poor communities are engaging in economic activities that are boosting rural employment, ensuring food security and raising incomes.

Visiting our website, you will learn how SEND’s Gender Model Families (GMF), established in rural West Africa, are increasing equality and fostering equity between men and women, as well as boys and girls. The website details how SEND’s innovative application of Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation (PM&E) is strengthening good governance in West Africa. Using SEND’s PM&E, marginalized citizens (i.e., farmers, persons with disability, persons living with HIV, youth and women groups) and their allies in civil society are emboldened and equipped to champion social accountability in the planning and implementation of pro-poor health, educational, and agricultural programs.

With this website we are inviting you to join us in scaling up the successes of a highly accomplished and respected West Africa-based development organization. SEND has won national and international recognition for its innovative programs and inspiring leadership in civil society. In 2010 SEND won the ONE Africa Good Governance Award. SEND’s exceptionalism in enabling African citizens to hold their governments accountable was underscored by ONE Africa’s Executive Director Dr. Moyo in his statement:

“What impressed us even more was SEND’s model of citizen engagement, education, training and advocacy which is backed up by policy research. It not only promotes sustainable development but more importantly can also be replicated in different regions and countries … SEND Ghana stood out as an exceptional organization that educates and empowers citizens to take part in the political process and access the services available to them.”

SEND was also nominated as one of the most impactful civil society agencies in 2017 by All Works for Life (AWOL), which awards organizations for their contributions to development in Sierra Leone. In 2018, the Founding Chief Executive Officer was awarded the “Outstanding Development Practitioner” of the year award by the Philanthropy Forum of Ghana “in recognition of [his] immense contributions towards sustainable community development in Ghana and neighboring countries.”

Join us to build a West Africa where the rights of all citizens are guaranteed.

Siapha Kamara

Founding Chief Executive Officer