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SEND-WEST AFRICA is the parent organisation of SEND-GHANA, SEND-LIBERIA and SEND-SIERRA LEONE. These subsidiaries of SEND are independent national NGOs with their own National Executive Council and management systems but sharing one Chief Executive Officer based in SEND-GHANA who facilitates learning and networking among the national affiliates.


SEND West Africa Programs

Established in August 1998 the Social Enterprise Development Foundation of West Africa (SEND WEST AFRICA) has grown from being a solely livelihood and food security promotion NGO in Northern Eastern Ghana into a multipurpose regional development agency with affiliates in Ghana, Liberia and Sierra Leone. SEND Liberia and SEND Sierra Leone were opened in 2004. The affiliates are registered in each country  by SEND WEST Africa and  operate as national NGOs with independent administrative and financial management systems. Each affiliate has as National Executive Council (NEC) appointed by the Board of SEND West Africa.  The vision is: West Africa where people’s rights and well-being are guaranteed with mission to promote good governance and equality of  men and women in West Africa. SEND West Africa is presently hosted by SEND Ghana in its Accra Office.

Message from Chief Executive Officer

Welcome to the Social Enterprise Development (SEND) Foundation for West Africa website. SEND West Africa is operational through three affiliates: SEND Liberia, SEND Ghana and SEND Sierra Leone.

This website is an invitation from SEND’s Board of Directors to the international development…

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Our Core Values

A Ghana where people’s rights and well-being are guaranteed.

We work to promote good governance and equality of women and men in Ghana.

The Core Values of SEND-GHANA are explained in the acronym ‘PEOPLE‘:

Participatory Decision Making and Development
Equality of women and men
Openness and Accountability
Partnership for human development
Learning, Innovation and Sharing Knowledge
Enabling Action Based on Information

Recent News


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“SEND stood out as an exceptional organization that educates and empowers citizens to take part in the political process and access the services available to them. What impressed us even more was SEND’s model of citizen engagement, education, training and advocacy which is backed up by policy research. It not only promotes sustainable development but more importantly can also be replicated in different regions and countries.”

One Africa Award Selection Committee,