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SEND support foster families with monthly allowance Featured

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The Allowance Scheme operated by SEND foundation in Kailahun District funded by OSIWA and Weitblick Germany is currently supporting six (6) foster families with 28 orphans.


Each of these foster families have received training on child care that will enable them provide care and support to orphans just as they care for their own children to growth up and live responsible lives. 

The monthly stipends given to them are expected to last for 6 months, starting from month of March to August 2015, as for the past three months, six (6) foster families received their monthly stipends and basically used the money to buy food items and support their daily needs.

Most of the foster families and women used their stipend to expand their petty businesses.  The stipends support the basic needs of foster families, and provided them with the leeway to engage in agriculture activities, such as the cultivation of rice, cassava and beans to enable them have access to food for the next season. And they sometimes use the monies to pay medical bills of their children.

Other women, who were already engaged in petty trading before started receiving their monthly stipends, used it to expand on their businesses to be in better position to support their children together with other orphans in their communities as the monthly support will end in August 2015.

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