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SEND-SIERRA LEONE PM&E Methodology Makes Impact Featured

SEND-SIERRA LEONE PM&E Methodology has impacted the live of Peter Bockarie Garner.


Peter Bockarie Garner is a 30 year old man who hails from Waima Buima in the Upper Bambara Chiefdom. He is born to Bockarie Garner and Kadiatu Mansaray. Peter attended his primary education at the Roman Catholic Primary School in Pendembu from 1986 to 1991. His dream of continuing junior secondary education immediately after completion did not see the light of day as the 11 year long civil conflict in Sierra Leone had just started.

During the civil conflict, Peter and his family took refuge in neighboring Liberia. While in Liberia, Peter tried hard to rekindle his lost dream of furthering his education. His quest to attain a higher level of education saw him attend Assemblies of God, St John Vianney Catholic and Swedish Pentecostal Mission Junior Secondary Schools.

In 2002, when peace was restored in Sierra Leone, Peter returned back home to continue his education. Upon his return, he enrolled in the Pendembu Vocational Technical School to pursue senior secondary education. Less than 1 year of his stay in the school, Peter was not satisfied with the educational standards in the school and had to look elsewhere for good education. This he found in the Holy Trinity Senior Secondary School in Kenema where he attended from 2002 to 2005. After completion, Peter returned back to Pendembu due to lack of funds to further his education.
He was later employed at the Pendembu Vocational Technical School to teach economics. His hard work in discharging his duties as a teacher in the school made the community to appoint him as the District Budget Oversight Committee (DBOC) representative for the Chiefdom in 2007. Since his appointment, Peter has served on the committee for 5 years now. As a DBOC member responsible for monitoring government budgets and expenditures in all sectors in the Chiefdom, Peter attest that his life has changed since coming into contact with SEND Sierra Leone in 2011.

According to Peter, before SEND Sierra Leone introduced him and the other DBOC members to the participatory monitoring and evaluation methodology for tracking changes in the health sector, their style of monitoring was without tools and advocacy. Now with SEND engagement:
 “ I feel confident doing my work, it has added credibility to my work, there is recognition for me in my community, can now represent the vulnerable properly, can now monitor with tools and feel motivated and capacitated to question and critique issues happening in my Chiefdom. With the participatory monitoring and evaluation methodology, my perception about society especially community leaders has changed. I now appreciate the challenges in performing my duties as a DBOC member I wish SEND will extend this methodology to other sectors”.
When asked to comment on how other actors are engaging the DBOC to promote accountability and transparency in all the sectors of government, this is what he said:
“Most actors are still engaging us with the traditional monitoring and evaluation methods of promoting accountability and transparency which mostly turn up failing to achieve the desired goals. For instance, the current monitoring tools that have been developed by the Ministry of Finance and used by us to monitor the educational and health sectors are not critical and may be irrelevant in promoting accountability and transparency in the sectors. SEND’s participatory monitoring and evaluation provides us with the viable option for promoting accountability and transparency in all government sectors”.
In his message to the people of Kailahun District, Peter mentioned that he had no regrets working with SEND and used the opportunity to encourage everyone in the district to embrace SEND’s work given that the district as a whole was bedeviled with lots of corrupt practices. He concluded with a strong appeal to SEND to extend the participatory monitoring and evaluation methodology to other government sectors.

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