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SEND-SIERRA LEONE SMT Meet New Kailahun District Council Chairman

Senior Management Team members of SEND-SIERRA LEONE paid a courtesy call on the newly elected Chairman of the Kailahun District Council Hon Alex Bhonpha. The visit was to introduce the organisation to the new chairman and foster a stronger partnership with the council.

Chief Executive Officer of SEND-WEST AFRICA, Siapha Kamara led the management team which included the SEND-SIERRA LEONE National Executive Council member Madam Lucy F. Gondor and the Programme Officer Osman Mohammed.
Mr Kamara in his introductory statement observed that SEND-WEST AFRICA operates in 3 countries (Ghana, Liberia and Sierra Leone).  The Sierra Leone programme was started in 2008 and currently  includes  the Livelihood Security,  Women in Governance programme and  Health governance  projects. Funding partners are CORDAID,  European Union, DFID, ICCO and Christian Aid.
Mr. Kamara expressed the hope that the  standing  partnership   with council  will be strengthened under the new chairman. He expressed the organisations interest in continuing the Health Summit - a forum to ensure accountability and coordination in the health sector - and the performance appraisal of all councillors which was started under the previous council.
In his response the newly elected Chairman Hon Alex Bhonpha expressed profound appreciation to SEND-SIERRA LEONE for the good work in helping bring sustainable development to Kailahun and also for been a strategic development partner to the Kailahun District Council. He outlined his vision for the Council and revealed that he has already appointed five women councillors to head five committees.
Hon Bhonpha also observed that he will introduce a contract system to enhance the performance of the councillors and also use newsletters and notice boards to communicate the activities of the council in a bid to promote accountability.

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