Micro finance transforms my life to International business woman-Hawa Wanza

A former doughnut seller in Buedu Town, Kissi Tongi Chiefdom in Kailahun District, Hawa Wanza, has disclosed that with support from a Micro-finance operated by the Social Enterprise for Development (SEND) Foundation, has been transformed her life into an international business woman.

According to her, she is a single parent with three children all depending on her little business for survival and education, disclosing that she was facing serious embarrassment while trading in doughnut, as she often takes items and then repay after sales.

Madam Wanza states that she had been receiving loans from SEND foundation for five years now from which she was able to raise enough funds and started buying items from Mali and sell to the people in Buedu, explaining that the loan criteria as compared to other organisations is far better as she was given enough time to repay with little interest.
“I can now confortably handle my children’s school responsibilities and feeding with my little savings” she maintained, pleading with the management of the Loan Office to increase the money given to them as loan.
Explaining about some of the benefit gains through the loan scheme, she states that they have set up a group known as ‘Blessing Group’ through which, most of them have been able to own a house by monthly contributions by the membership and also build a house for a member, one after the other.
According to the Loan Officer, Mustapha Jabatti, the Micro finance project started in 2010 with the aim of empowering women to start or continue with their businesses to become successful in life, stating that they have supported 1015 (one thousand and fifteen) women from four chiefdoms which have created positive impacts on their (women) lives.
He maintained that one thing which is paramount in their operations is that which have to do with solidarity, as the key principles where the women are placed in groups comprises of 35 members in each group, who came together and receive the loan and they mostly recommend who to give loan among themselves.
The Loan Officer explained that normally women who have raised enough money through the micro-finance are encouraged to join the Co-operative scheme, where they can take huge loans individually to do their business unlike the micro- finance where loans are given to a group.
By Alhaji M. Kamara

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