The progress of men should not diminish women’s progress - KWiGN President

At the celebration marking International Women’s Day (IWD), the President of the Kailahun Women in Governance Network (KWiGN), Lucy Gondor, maintained that “the progress of men should not diminish the progress of women”.

She made this statement at the commemoration ceremonies of the IWD in Kailahun at the Youth Council Hall. The event was supported by Christian Aid through the Social Enterprise for Development Foundation (SEND) in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs.

The programme was attended by female Councilors, civil society organizations, Paramount Chiefs, ebola survivors and other stakeholders.
“No one individual was created by mistake. We are all created for a purpose and it is our responsibility to recognize that purpose in ourselves and in other people so that we are able to live together to grow ourselves and our communities,” said Gondor.

The KWiGN President stated, “Wickedness and selfishness do not pay. They destroy us! We can only grow in peace and love when men and women have equal opportunities. When that happens a value is added to society.” She maintained that despite their quest for a just and equal society, she regrets to say that Sierra Leone is still a masculine country.

Madam Gondor disclosed that sensible men do not think less of their wives and empowered men should not be afraid of empowered women. Rather, men should see wives as partners in progress and as people who add value to life. “Wherever a wife and husband are able to act like mature individuals and are able to dialogue properly, an understanding is developed between the two. Peace reigns at home and development takes place,” she added. Gondor maintained that real women do not depend on men to take care of their needs as they mind their own business and get respect from men. “It is not a crime to be a woman and women are not the weaker sex. We have inner strength and motherly, nurturing compassion for humanity, which, if effectively utilized, can benefit us all,” said Madam Gondor. Commenting on skin bleaching and ideals of beauty, she said, “There is no mistake in being black, but rather there is a mistake in those who think that being black is inferior.”

The KWiGN President stated that women make a lot of contributions to society through their sensitivity, intuition, and other distinctive traits, explaining that during the ebola crisis, women were frontline workers, care givers and as guardians of social peace. Women were what communities needed to be resilient as they demonstrated leadership in this time of crisis.

Representing the Ministry of Social Welfare, the Regional Coordinator, Doris Mansaray, said that the Ministry is happy to be part of the celebration and in promoting activities of women. She called on parents to ensure they send their girls to school. She also called on traditional leaders to ensure they enforce bye-laws discouraging child marriage.

PC Emmanuel Nyuama Ganawa III at Kissi Teng Chiefdom, disclosed that they are in support of women empowerment but that some traditions prevent women from becoming a Paramount Chief in that part of the country.

By Alhaji M. Kamara
Thursday March 12. 2015

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