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The Social Enterprise Development-Sierra Leone (SEND) funded by the DFID through Christian Aid working in the Kailahun District. SEND in 2009-13 with funding from DFID through Christian Aid implemented the Kailahun Women in Governance (KWIG) project to increase women’s participation in the electoral positions in…
A campaign to promote the participation of women in political governance and propel them into leadership positions has commenced in Kailahun district, targeting over 10,000 students, 12 women councillors and 46 junior secondary schools.
With over 200 days without reporting any positive ebola case within the Kailahun District, the Social Enterprise for Development (SEND) Foundation in collaboration with stakeholders have successfully identified the challenges facing the district in preventing the disease from reoccurrence.
June 2015-Generally, the incidence of Ebola infection in Sierra Leone is on the decline, even though there are districts in the southern provinces reporting new cases. Overall, Kailahun recorded 525 infections, 228 deaths, 202 survivors and 1,634 orphans. Since December 2014, it has not reported…
A former doughnut seller in Buedu Town, Kissi Tongi Chiefdom in Kailahun District, Hawa Wanza, has disclosed that with support from a Micro-finance operated by the Social Enterprise for Development (SEND) Foundation, has been transformed her life into an international business woman.
As Kailahun District goes over 170 days without any new ebola infection case, the Social Enterprise for Development (SEND) Foundation with funds from Welthungerhilfe (WHH), have completed training for Chiefdom Taskforces in 32 remote border villages in Kailahun on ebola prevention in relation to security…
With the fight against ebola nears its final phase across the country, the Social Enterprise for Development Foundation (SEND) with funds from All Works of Life (AWOL), has successfully completed the distribution of food and non-food items to ebola orphans, survivor and foster families in…
In Thoradu Village, Kissy Teng, Kailahun district an Ebola survivor, Siaka, is alleged to have infected his wife, Pewah, through sex.
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