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Accountable Democratic Institutions and Systems Strengthening (ADISS)

Accountable Democratic Institutions and Systems Strengthening (ADISS) is a project being funded by USAID.

The overall objective of the project is to renew and build upon efforts to increase the abilities of anti-corruption civil society organisations in order for them to motivate the public to apply pressure to policy makers and institutions with the view of reducing corruption in Ghana.

The project has two components.

Component one would look at improving organisational capacity among Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) to perform long term, strategic law reform campaigns and to increase citizens engagement in law reform campaigns among others.

Component two will focus on empowering citizens and CSOs to report and document corruption and related cases through accessible and innovative Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and social media platforms.

It will equip citizens with sufficient knowledge of the costs and impacts of corruption on their lives in order for them to engage in anti-corruption activism for change.

It is being implemented by Ghana Integrity Initiative (GII), SEND-GHANA and Ghana Anti-corruption Coalition (GACC) for a four-year project period beginning from 2015.

The project will be implemented in 50 districts across all the 10 administrative regions of Ghana.

By concentrating on the 50 poorest districts with traditionally low inclusion of women, persons with disabilities and minority tribes in issues related to transparency and accountability, the project would facilitate community structures and processes that empower those groups to participate fully in processes for demanding transparency and accountability at national and district levels.

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