Local Partners

SEND GHANA implements its activities through its Focal Non-Governmental Organizations (FNGOs). The existence of the FNGOs as accountability structures that can watch over public funding, performance and programming is a huge advantage.

They are the existing structures at the local base that are interacting with the people on the daily bases and empowering these people to demand accountability.



SEND Contacts

Salaga Networking Centre
Box SL 82, East Gonja District
Northern Region, Ghana


Upper West Regional Networking Center

Box 652, Xavier Regional Area


H/N XY279

Upper West, Ghana 

Northern Regional Networking Centre

Box TL 341,
Tamale, Ghana

H/No RC 8, Rice City-Gumani

Northern Region, Ghana

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SEND Ghana
Box A28 Regimanuel Estates,
Nungua Barrier, Sakumono,

Tel: +233 (0) 302 716830 / 302 716860